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° Do i need an appointment for a tattoo?

- No we also provide a walk in service for tattoos. please call the studio to arrange the best time to pop in.


° How are Tattoos priced?

- We price tattoos on size and detail. Most tattoos will be given a set quote or price. For large continious pieces we charge £90 per hour.


° How old do i have to be to get a tattoo?

- You must be 18 yeard old, with photo id to get tattooed. no exceptions.


° How long does it take for a tattoo to heal?

- It will take around 2 weeks for your tattoo to heal.


° How do I look after my tattoo?

- You will be provided with full afercare instructions for caring for your tattoo. You can also download a copy of these instructions below.  


° Is there anything i cant do after being tattooed?

- You must avoid soaking your tatoo whilst it is healing.

-Do not swim or soak in the bath.

-You must not apply any products such as fake tans or steroid creams on your tattoo until fully healed.

- Keep your tattoo covered when in direct sunlight. Always wear sun block on tattoos, even when fully healed as UV rays will age and fade your tattoo.

- Avoid the gym for the first few days after getting tattooed. You tattoo is an open wound and exposure to dirty gym equipment can lead to infections.


° Is there anything i need to do before getting tattooed?

- we recommend getting a good nights sleep, refraining for heavy alcohol comsumption and eat a good meal before your appointment.  it is also recommened to wear comfortble clothing that is suitable for the area you wish to get tattooed.

Tattoo f.a.q

Tattoo Aftercare Instructions

° Do i need an appointment to get a piercing?

- No, all piercing is done on a walk in basis.


° How old do i have to be to get a piercing?

- You must be over 16 years old, with a valid form of photo i.d to get a piercing. If you are under this age, you must be accompanied by a parent. You must be 18 years old to get a genital piercing.


° Can i choose the jewellery?

- Yes, we provide a selections of high quality titanum jewellery options for all piercings.


° How long does it take to heal?

Most piercings will take aroun 6-8 weeks to settle, though full healing times, will very from person to person.


° How do i look after my piercing?

- we will provide you with a full aftercare pack, with everything you will need to care for your piercing. you will also receive full written instructions. You can find a further copy of our aftercare guidelinesto download below.


° Is there anything i cant do after getting a piercing?

- we recommend avoiding chlorine pools and activities that would aggrivate your new piercing. swimming in the sea is not a problem.


° Do you pierce babies ears?

- no, we will only pierce children who are able to clearly communicate that they wish to have a piercing made.




Body piercing f.a.q

Body Piercing Aftercare Instructions