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Covid-19 Appoinment Attendance Information


• You must come to your appointment alone, please do not bring friends and family as they will not be allowed to enter the studio.


•Please arrive 10 mins before your scheduled appointment time.


• On arrival please wait outside the studio and ring the buzzer to let us know you have arrived.


•Please wear clean clothing and remove any jewellery such as bracelets from the area to be tattooed.


•On entering the studio please use the hand sanitiser, then wash your hands at the first available opportunity.  


•You are required to wear a mask whilst in the studio. If you do not have a mask you may purchase one from us.


•Please help us maintain social distancing by following the directions given to you by staff members.


•If you need to withdraw cash, please do so prior to your appointment.  


•If you feel at all unwell or reside in a self-isolating household please do not attend your appointment.


•Smile and relax, rest assured we have made every effort to ensure we provide you with a safe and sanitary space to get tattooed.